Tony Gammidge is an artist, filmmaker, art therapist, lecturer and Arts and Health worker.

His most recent work has been in running video and animation projects on medium secure units collaborating with the residents on the wards in making short films. These are mostly narrative based films with stories written by the participants. These might based on their lives, made up, remembered or from their imaginations or we might let the narrative emerge from the film making process.

He also lectures at Brighton University on the Inclusive Arts M.A.

He has been an Art Therapist since 1997 and mostly worked in adult psychiatry. Most recently he worked as the art therapist on a pilot research project on a stroke rehabilitation unit.

Tony also makes his own work including short films, installations as well as paintings, drawings and books. The last film that he made was called ‘The Tragic Tale of Tim Grim’ which was a film about his brother who was killed in a car accident when he was just 5 years old. The story is told and narrated from the perspective of his mother who was also in the accident.

Narrative plays a central role in both Tony’s own and collaborative work.

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